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Your favorite foods plant based.

Eggplant Burger
Mac & Cheeze
Fungi ripieni.
Vegan Sushi
Pesto Ravioli
King Salad
Mashed Cassava
Capellini e fungi.
Chimichurri Hot Link
Veggie & Tofu Chow Mein
Pão di Queijo.
Beet Cashew Sauce Gnocchi
Mini Pastelón
Vegetable Soup
Fried Rice
Broiled wild mushrooms & noodle rice.
Thai Curry Tofu & Noodle Rice
Lentil & Chickpea Pasta
Broiled seitan & veggies.
Broiled veggies & Beyond Meat Sausage
Blueberry Rice Pudding
Noodle rice, beets salad and soyballs.
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